At Sanofi, we demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and diversity through Culture groups and programs. There are many ways to make a difference and connect with other Sanofi employees:

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a critical component in fostering an inclusive and diverse environment at Sanofi. They enable employees to connect around a common experience or characteristic and offer an opportunity for employees to learn about individuals who are different from themselves.

ERGs are led by employees, championed by executive sponsors, and supported by Sanofi.

For information on inclusion and diversity at Sanofi, reach out to You can also reach out to ERGs using the email addresses below. To get updates on programs and events from specific ERGs, sign up to be a member on the ERG Registration Portal.

CAN (Capable & Able Network)

  • The vision of CAN is a workplace where talented and capable people feel included and empowered to give their absolute best regardless of a disability.
  • Working to develop a culture that fosters acceptance and challenges stigmas around all forms of disability (inclusive of physical, mental and intellectual).
  • Yammer: Capable + Able Network (CAN) ERG | Email:

Cancer Connect 


  • Creating a more supportive environment for caregivers at Sanofi.
  • Offering a platform to gain information on resources and benefits for caregivers, have a support system of others with similar life experiences, and an opportunity to influence how Sanofi can continue to be a great place to work for caregivers who tend to have a very demanding work/life balance.
  • Yammer: NA CareGIVErs Community | Email:

DeLTAs (Developing Leaders and Talent Across Sanofi)

  • Building Sanofi’s next generation of leaders by bridging the gap between today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow; challenging the ways we work to foster change; influencing innovation within our community.
  • Yammer: Sanofi DeLTAS | Email:

Diabetes Connect


  • Encouraging diversity of thought and experience through cultural competence to empower our workforce, culture, and marketplace.
  • Creating a culture that EMPOWERS under-represented employee groups (African-American. Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian) to be their best authentic self.
  • Yammer: MOSAIC | Email:

Parents Connect

PRIDE Connect

  • The vision for PRIDE Connect is a community where employees feel safe, nurtured, and able to maximize their potential.
  • Fostering a supportive and inclusive culture where the LGBTQ+ community is represented and celebrated.
  • Yammer: PrideConnect ERG | Email:


  • Providing a network, resources and support for our Sanofi veterans and members of military families. Offering guidance and insight on veterans transitioning from active duty into Sanofi through mentoring and outreach.
  • Yammer: VETS | Email:

WISE (Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence) 

  • Creating an environment of connections, mentorship, and development to transform the culture for increased presence, impact, and influence of women.
  • Yammer: WISE | Email:

Holiday Exchange

This program has facilitated more than 2,000 cultural exchange trips for children of Sanofi US employees in return for hosting a student from another part of the world for a reciprocal visit.

Children of Sanofi US

This program helps employees’ dependent children, age 25 or younger, who are in need by providing financial, medical, or material assistance when no other form of assistance is available.

Matching Gifts

Sanofi US believes in supporting the communities in which we live and work and encourages employees who want to be more involved. The Sanofi US Matching Gifts Program has been designed with the Sanofi corporate values in mind, demonstrating our interest in supporting employee philanthropic endeavors.


One of North America Corporate Social Responsibility’s (NA CSR) initiatives is to encourage and promote employee engagement and volunteerism by giving back to the communities in which we live and work. This is not only a significant facet of Sanofi’s volunteerism platform, but more notably, allows our employees to donate their time, skills and knowledge assisting non-profit organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford such services.

An Easier Way to Sign Up and Volunteer Through Sanofi Acts:

WeSpire is now used for all employee volunteerism events, sign ups and tracking. As in the past, the Sanofi Volunteer Management System will provide employees, with the exception of Chattem, the ability to sign up for projects, set volunteerism goals, track their hours and much more.

The system allows employees to submit all volunteer project ideas directly into the system for approval. Once approved, the employee is able to invite colleagues to sign up for the event.

Your Location

Your location may offer additional volunteer opportunities, such as serving at a local food bank, making crafts for pediatric patients, volunteering at a charitable event, or participating in team-builder events sponsored by charitable organizations. For more information, please visit the Making a Difference section of the Thrive Portal.