Benefits Working Together

With so many different benefits available, where do you start? Sanofi has three key resources to call depending on what you need. From there, the resource will help you tap into the wealth of programs Sanofi US offers based on your needs. Click below to see what your three key starting points are and then take an insider’s look at some examples of how your benefits can work together.

Three Key Resources



Anything at all when it comes to your wellness — physical, mental, emotional. The Health Guide will listen, share guidance on the Sanofi US resources and programs that can support you, and help you get started in using them.

General questions about eligibility, how to enroll in Sanofi US benefits, and reporting life event changes.

Get on track toward your financial goals, both now and for your future. Support is administered through T. Rowe Price.

Weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET

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the Thrive portal or visit

Option 1 for Benefits

Single Sign On from
the Thrive portal or visit

Use the quick link from
the Thrive portal or visit

Sofia’s journey

with pregnancy


Sofia’s expanding family called for a move to the suburbs. She made sure to report her address change through Workday.

Sophia learns she has gestational diabetes and contacts her Health Guide for help. Her Health Guide helps her sign up for the family planning benefit Maven for support.

Sophia works with her Health Guide to submit her disability leave claims through Sedgwick. She’s happy to learn that she’s eligible for the new benefit of two weeks off prior to her delivery.


After Sofia’s son is born, she reports the Qualified Life Event to the Employee Benefits Center within the 30‑day window to add her new baby as a dependent.

Sofia’s Health Guide checks in on her recovery, to see if she has any questions on hospital claims, and to make sure she’s aware of benefits that could help her, such as getting a free breast pump.

Sofia’s experiencing anxiety as a new mom during a global pandemic. After confiding with her Health Guide, Sofia starts taking advantage of Ginger emotional health support available 24/7 from the convenience of her iPhone.


After getting cleared to start exercising six weeks after giving birth, Sofia’s energized to start a fitness routine again. Her Health Guide reminds her of Sanofi US’ Wellness Credit Program as a way to work toward goals and get rewarded. Sofia starts earning credits by participating in AktiveTrak Monthly Step Tracking through MyEvive.

Now that her family is growing, Sophia wants help in budgeting for her family expenses and planning for her child’s future. She calls T. Rowe Price for help.

Martin’s journey

with back pain and depression


Martin has had chronic back pain for years. He checks the Thrive portal for a resource to help and sees a MyEvive Wellness Reminder that he is due for his Annual Physical, for which he can also get 300 points toward Sanofi US’ Wellness Credit Program. That seems like a good starting point.

Martin’s doctor suggests being evaluated by an orthopedist and the orthopedist recommends surgery. Uncertain about how to proceed, Martin calls the Health Guide.


The Health Guide lets Martin know about ConsumerMedical, through which he can get a second opinion from an elite specialist, not to mention additional wellness credit. Martin calls ConsumerMedical and learns he has the option of physical therapy and acupuncture. Martin decides to take this approach. His Health Guide helps find providers and schedules Martin’s appointments.

As a caregiver to his parents during the pandemic, Martin is overwhelmed. Depression starts to set in. Martin remembers from Sanofi’s “It’s OK to Not Be OK” campaign that there is help. He asks his Health Guide and she recommends the EAP and helps Martin sign up for five free sessions.

Lastly, she reminds him about back-up care through Bright Horizons. Martin and his Health Guide work together to find in-home care for his parents a few days a week, which is a huge relief.